In 2013, Laura Burrus launched Austin Music Box out of a desire to support the local music community. Initially she wanted to tell the untold story behind artists and bands. After all, there's more to a song than a pretty face and cool band name. After focusing on band interviews and live show reviews, she felt she could still do more to support local music. In 2015, she joined Black Fret to continue advancing her desire to support the local music community. But, with over 10 years of content marketing and product marketing experience, there was still something missing. In 2017, she re-launched Austin Music Box with a vision to continue supporting the Austin music scene with a hands-on approach. Getting started in the music industry can be challenging and she knows that artists and bands don't always have access to resources that allow them to focus on what they do best: writing and playing. Her services are designed and priced to support the DIY musician and artist.